How your donation will help

All funds raised go directly towards helping families affected by Timothy Syndrome, whether by:

  • providing information and support
  • raising awareness, or
  • creating a worldwide patient registry

We don’t pay any wages or bonuses.

We provide opportunities for families to connect

Your support will help make life feel as ‘normal’ as possible for families, bringing them together to share experiences as a community at our family day event.

You can almost feel the excitement and release when you bring TS families, medical experts and researchers together for a weekend. Sharing knowledge and support has a big impact on the children suffering from this complex disease.

We provide reliable information

To be able to virtually hug newly-diagnosed families with reliable information and research, and welcoming them into our support group reduces those feelings of isolation when finding out your child has a rare disease.

This connection will have a direct effect on helping save the lives of children with Timothy Syndrome.

Increased awareness can not only connect patient families but inspire conversations and lead to new paths for research.

Timothy Syndrome patient registry

By collecting information about patients with Timothy Syndrome in a worldwide patient registry, we can learn more about who gets the disease and why. This data gives us more leverage to advocate for greater attention.

You can help to connect the dots between the genetic cause, diagnosis, possible treatment and a better the quality of life.

Make a donation

Children with Timothy Syndrome desperately need early diagnosis, treatment and care.

Your contribution will help:

  • raise awareness to drive research and clinical development
  • enhance scientific understanding
  • reduce the isolation faced by families

With your help, treatment and a cure for future generations is closer to being found.

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